February Love

The Month of February brings the word “love” to the forefront of our minds. This month I plan to make a few posts dedicated to the people around me who truly bring me joy.

First, I’ll share my thoughts on the staff at Peachtree, my peach family. I am so proud of the program they have helped me to build. They are absolutely dedicated to our mission, vision, and program goals. They strive every day to create a 2nd home for the children in our care.

When I observe the staff and students together, I see bonds that assure me that our students are loved unconditionally. The hugs are endless. Someone always has a kid in their arms or in their lap.

These men and women are dedicated to their continued education, they truly see the value in educating themselves so they are better able to educate our children and their families. When a child is struggling they immediately look to each other, begin research, and educate themselves on the best way to support that child or children.

No matter what room they enter the children scream their names and treat them as if they are celebrities! A Magical thing to watch!  Every child within the building is loved and cared for by every adult in the building, everyone knows everyone, and it’s a family!

This staff continuously works towards creating a classroom environment that grows with, supports, and scaffolds the learning of the children within their classrooms. They are simply a dream team, they have taken my vision, and made it happen, helping to develop it into so much more.

They truly embody the definition of teamwork and seem to do it effortlessly. They support me, just as much as I support them. I couldn’t be prouder of them!

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