February Love- Parents

I have been blessed with the very best of families over the years. It is not easy to simply leave your child in the hands of someone else while you head off to work each day. You have to put your trust in someone, you have to trust that they will love, care for and educate your child while you are away.

I started in this profession because It became too hard for me to walk away from my oldest and go to work every day. I knew I wanted to work, but I also knew I did not want to leave him. I credit him for bringing me into the profession to which I have now dedicated my life too!

I am thankful for every family who has ever trusted me to help them raise their children and to be their childs first teacher. My job is a special one, I get to help lay the foundation upon which all other education is built. That is the most important job in the world!

I appreciate each parent who allowed me to love and be a part of their child’s life! They are forever my Little Peaches!

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