Preparing for Summer

A few notes

Come June 1st; you will notice the classrooms changing; the transition has already slowly started as we prepare children to enter their new spaces. Please rest assured we only move children when they are developmentally ready and not based on age.

May 16th– We will welcome in two new staff members who will work to transition the two’s room back into a 1’s room as most of our babies are turning one and ready for more space as they begin to move and explore. We are very excited to have Chloe and Ariana finally start (Chloe’s mom works for me at the other location) and to help us make sure the room is ready and the babies have a seamless transition. It will take all summer before all the children are moved into the new one’s room. No child or parent will be pushed to make this transition. It will be based on each individual child and their needs. We will begin with alot of back and forths between the infant and 1’s room. I will be in-house to monitor this closely and help support staff and families through the transition.

Parents of children turning one; Diets change, and babies are drinking less formula and more solids or purees; it is imperative that you inform the staff what you are doing at home. So, we can monitor allergies as new foods are introduced. They are also at the age when you are beginning to introduce water and sippy cups; feel free to provide one to use at school. We want to keep meals consistent with children. As always, you are welcome to provide your own meals and snacks for your child.

When the children move into the ones space, we ask that you provide a nap mat for your child. We will begin to transition out of using pack-n-plays for them. Children will still be rocked (if needed) and be able to nap when they choose. Staff will sit beside them and offer comforts, pats, etc., as they drift off to sleep. We will take this at the pace the child is ready for; we just need to make sure we have the supplies available to us to do this when ready. DFS rules change after a child is one and can use a nap mat. They are able to use special blankets or comfort stuffies from home. Once the pack N play is gone, it opens up options that I know many of your children are used to at home. Sleep sacks can still be used for our children who are used to them and still want them. This is a big period with a lot of changes, and we will take things one step at a time, so please be sure to communicate with staff precisely what you are comfortable with. It helps that you do this not only face to face but via brightwheel as well, so there is written documentation of your exact wishes.  We are bringing this up now so that you have time to consider your preferences and make purchases. ALL four staff members on that side of the building will work together in the children’s best interest. No one will move until absolutely ready. 

It does not look like it right now as I’m writing this, but sunny weather is on its way. We like to get as much outdoor time as possible. So please be sure to bring in a labeled sunscreen of your preference for your child. You also must sign the consent form for staff to apply your sunscreen to your child.

The other thing I needed to bring up and go over was the monthly fees for school. Fees are due on the 1st. I give until the 5th to get that paid without charging a fee as a courtesy (because sometimes we can be forgetful as humans) but they are due the first; on the 6th, I charge a $50 late fee.

Extra clothes need to be updated. Several don’t have any, and others have only winter spares, and we want to make sure we get some summer-appropriate clothing in there. So check with your teachers on what your child needs.

If you haven’t already, consider replacing your student’s water bottle. They wear out quickly, and sometimes a fresh start is needed.

Bringing in a snack once a month is very helpful; when everyone does this, we have plenty to go around. This cuts down our food costs, and we are able to pass this cost onto purchases for the classrooms. 

Thank you for giving us a heads-up about long weekends, vacations, and daily absences.

We are looking forward to the summer months and all the outdoor fun to be had! 

I look forward to seeing all of you a little bit more! 


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