Our Program is currently full and all classes are on a waitlist.

The Monthly Fee for school is $850 – This is for all age groups.

** We do not currently accept DFS Childcare Subsidy Payments

Do you offer part time care?

Not at this time

Why is the cost $850 Month?

The owner, Abby Lazarus, believes that Early Childhood Professionals should be paid a fair and livable wage. It is of utmost importance to her that her staff does not have to worry about paying their bills. Did you know that the average childcare programs pays their staff $10/hour? A teenager working for Chickfila makes more than that! This creates major staff overturn rates within programs. The goal of PeachTree is to not only offer high quality care to families, it is to make sure we retain high quality and highly educated staff. So we like to pay them nicely! Please understand that $850 a month ensures your Childs teacher is making a livable wage, which enables her to come to work, feel free of that stress, and remain focused upon your Childs needs. Often Early Childhood Professionals are not seen as being as important as our K-12 counterparts. However, Early Childhood teachers lay the foundation in which all other education is built upon, without us where would the world be? We hope you consider joining our family, we can’t wait to meet you!

In addition to the above forms each child will need shot records to be on file with the program. Please return the above forms to a PeachTree staff member with the Application fee and shot records attached.

The application fee is $30.

Upon enrollment please let our staff know if your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions.