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Garden Soil

Seeds for Garden

Kindergarten Registration information:

Monthly Lunch Menu:

We are seeing an increase in the amount of late pickups. We close at 5:15. Please be on time for pickup, and respectful of the teachers time with their own families.

This summer we will not be providing care for school-aged children.

Monthly School fees are due by the 5th of Each month.

Closed Days- As listed in our handbook:

New Year’s Eve- Close at Noon

New Years Day- Closed

Christmas Eve- Close at Noon

Christmas Day- Closed

Memorial Day – Closed

Cheyenne Day – Half Day, Close at Noon

Martin Luther King Day – Closed

Presidents Day – Closed

Thanksgiving Day – Closed

Independence Day- Closed

Labor Day- Closed

Want to read the childcare licensing rules?


We are in need of snacks for the school please (crackers, string cheese, fresh fruit, granola bars, popcorn, muffins, fruit snacks etc…)