News, Events and Updates

Monthly School fees are due by the 5th of Each month.


Snacks – We eat a lot of Snacks during the day. If everyone thinks of us once a month and brings something in, our snack cabinet will stay full!

Lysol Wipes

Paper Towels

Antibacterial soap

Antibacterial Cleaning Spray

Lunch menu:

** Parents please note the menu, if your child does not like the lunch choice for the day, please feel free to pack your Childs lunch. Doing so helps us to cut down on food waste and ensures each child is eating enough to maintain their energy throughout our school day.** Menu’s are updated each Sunday by noon. If you do send lunch for your child we are able and willing to heat anything they may bring.

** Each Meal is served with a fruit and a Vegetable.**

Monday: Pizza

Tuesday: Fish Sticks

Wednesday: Eggs and Sausage

Thursday: Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Friday: Mac and Cheese and Hot dogs