Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept DFS subsidy payments? We do

You open at 7:45. Are parents able to drop off before then? Yes, we have limited space and staff, (we must maintain ratios), but early drop-offs can be arranged; there is a fee associated.

Do I pay my full Monthly fee if I take a vacation? Yes, full fees are due every month. No Exceptions.

Are staff required to undergo background checks and fingerprinting? Yes, all staff have passed background checks and been fingerprinted. This is required by the Wyoming Department of Family Services for all Licensed childcare providers.

Are staff certified in first aid and CPR? Yes, this is required by the Wyoming Department of Family Services for all Licensed childcare providers.

How does staff communicate with Parents? In-person, Brightwheel app, and our website.

Do I need to let staff know when my child will be gone from care, or if they are sick? Yes, please let us know of any illnesses or absences due to appointments or vacations.

When is my Monthly School fee due? By the 5th of every month.

How can I pay my school fees? Via our website’s Payment page. Fees are due by the 5th of each month. Automatic withdrawal is available.

Is there a discount for siblings? Yes, there is a 10% discount.

What if I am late to pick up my child? We understand that things happen and come up. However, we are professionals who do have business hours, just like every other business. The post office isn’t going to stay open later just to accommodate you; they have set business hours for a reason. Our staff agreed to certain working hours when they took the job, just as you agreed to the hours knowing what they were when you signed your child up. We ask that you respect those hours. Late arrivals will be documented, and care will be terminated if deemed necessary.

Do you watch T.V.? No, we do not have a TV at our school

Do you close a classroom if a teacher is absent? No, We have staff built in to cover when teachers need to be away.

Do you serve lunches?

The 15th St. location does not serve lunch. All lunches must be parent provided. A morning and afternoon snack is provided by the school.

The 11th St. location serves a limited rotating menu for lunch. We are not a part of a lunch program and encourage parents to pack their child’s lunch. A morning and afternoon snack is provided by the school.

Parents provide their own formula and purees for infants.

We appreciate monthly parent snack donations.

Do you use an app for parent communication? Yes, we use the Brightwheel app. Parents can communicate to pass on information to staff. Staff will enter in details about the students day as time allows. Please be patient and allow staff to update. Letting parents know about their student’s day is a priority for us, however the care of the students comes first.

Do I need to supply Diapers and wipes for my child? Yes, Please. No need to bring diaper bags. Kids have cubbies to store their personal items. Please make sure your child always has a set of extra clothes stored at school.

Do I need to provide sunscreen for my child? Yes, Please write their name on the bottle. You will also need to sign a release stating that we can use and apply the sunscreen you provided. This is a DFS-required form.

Should I keep extra clothes in my child’s backpack or stored at the school? Yes. We love to have extras. Please always make sure your child has extras.

Are children required to nap? No children are not required to nap. We allow children to sleep as they need. For children who require only one nap time, we create a quiet space from 12-2 each day so that children can lay down and start a nap during this time. We let children sleep for as long as they need. Those who are younger and require more than one nap will nap whenever they need the naps. Teachers work closely with parents to ensure nappers get what they need. Completely dark and quiet rooms are not available. Staff must be able to clearly see sleeping children. Infants under one must be put to sleep on a flat surface. Children are not allowed to sleep in chairs or swings and will be promptly moved if they fall asleep in one. Infants are not allowed to have any blankets, stuffies or pacifier attachments to sleep with.

Our’s school curriculum is based on Wyoming’s coherent path to quality, Wyoming’s Early Learning Foundation and Guidelines, and NAEYC’s Developmentally Appropriate Practice.

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