Family Handbook

There is a different handbook that is specific for each school. While most things remain the same between the two locations, each is a unique building and some things are different. Handbooks are labeled with the proper school address.

The biggest thing to note is that the school on 15th st. does NOT provide lunches. All children at the 15th st. location will need to pack a lunch.

PeachTree School (E. 11th St.)

PeachTree Preschool (E.15th St.)

Closed Dates

  • Please note, schools will close if the school district closes for a snow day.

New Year’s Eve- Close at Noon

New Year’s Day- Closed; if New years is on a Sunday, we are closed that Monday.

Christmas Eve- Closed

Christmas Day- Closed – If Christmas falls on a weekend, school is closed Monday.

Memorial Day – Closed

Presidents Day- Closed

Martin Luther King Day- Closed

Cheyenne Day – 1/2 Day

Thanksgiving Day and the day after- Closed

Independence Day- Closed

Labor Day- Closed

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