Preschool Newsletter

Please make sure to update your student’s extra clothes at school. Many of the clothes are winter clothes, and the children have outgrown them. Children don’t just need extra clothes because of potty accidents; they may need them because they have gotten wet, sticky, or just messy.


New Year’s Eve- Close at Noon

New Years Day- Closed

Christmas Eve- Close at Noon

Christmas Day- Closed

Presidents Day- Closed

Martin Luther King Day- Closed

Cheyenne Day- 1/2 Day

Memorial Day – Closed

Thanksgiving Day – Closed

Independence Day- Closed

Labor Day- Closed

Scholastic Book Club ordering code: YCZ74

Reminder: Payments are due by the 5th of the month. Keep in mind you are PRE paying for the month. So your September payments should be paid by September 5th, etc.

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