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Welcome to PeachTree School of Early Childhood Education, Thank you for stopping by!

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7:45 am – 5:15 pm
7:45 am – 5:15 pm
7:45 am – 5:15 pm
7:45 am – 5:15 pm
7:45 am – 5:15 pm


2020 E. 11th St #4



Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical developmental needs of our students by establishing a program of the highest standards possible.

Our Philosophy

Children are viewed as competent, curious and natural researchers who are full of knowledge, potential and interested in connecting to the world around them.

Play is a child’s work and learning occurs during developmentally appropriate, child-centered activities. Children learn concepts best
when they are meaningful and relevant to them. They acquire knowledge through the
active exploration of their environment. Consequently, it is the teacher’s responsibility to provide a learning-enriched environment, which provides stimulating and challenging
experiences for them. The teacher then acts as a facilitator: encouraging, promoting and
reinforcing a child’s attempts, questions, skill development, and discoveries.

Ideas are discussed, investigations are shared, and opportunities are created to extend and build upon theories.  We encourage and support the children to work together during play and inquiry and entrust the children to solve problems. A collaborative approach develops respect for many points of view, ideas, theories and suggestions of individual children as well as the group.

We focus on creating relationships, making connections and establishing dialogue between educators, families and children. We believe that children are deeply connected to family and community and we invite families to take an active role in contributing to the process of discovery and learning.

Anti Bias Policy Statement

We believe all children have the right to high-quality early educational experiences that welcome and embrace all forms of diversity. In our community we acknowledge and respect everyone’s unique identity including their race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicities, abilities, and socio-economic background.

Our goal is to provide a nurturing, inclusive, equitable, and safe environment. We strive for children to gain self-awareness, confidence, and pride in their social identities as well as expressing comfort, joy, and compassion for human diversity in our classroom, our community, our country and our world.

We are committed to open and on-going dialogue among children, families, and our team at PeachTree. This policy ensures all children, families, educators, and staff are welcome, valued, and treated with equity and respect.