Welcome to preschool!

Our School is Licensed by the state of Wyoming for Children 6 weeks to 5 years. We are open from 7:45-5:15. We have served the Cheyenne Communities’ youngest residents and their families since 2005.

Our Locations:

Peachtree School of ECE

2020 E. 11th St.

Peachtree Preschool

1904 E. 15th St.

PeachTree SECE (E. 11th St. Location)

PeachTree Preschool (E. 15th St. Location)

Preparing for Summer

A few notes Come June 1st; you will notice the classrooms changing; the transition has already slowly started as we prepare children to enter their new spaces. Please rest assured we only move children when they are developmentally ready and not based on age. May 16th- We will welcome in two new staff members who…

When Lp Closes

As spring arrives and I get closer to closing Little Peaches (LP) I am becoming excited about spending more time in the classrooms at the other schools. While I do get to spend a lot of time during my day stopping by and spending time with the teachers, and offering instruction and training, I don’t…

February Love- Parents

I have been blessed with the very best of families over the years. It is not easy to simply leave your child in the hands of someone else while you head off to work each day. You have to put your trust in someone, you have to trust that they will love, care for and…