When Lp Closes

As spring arrives and I get closer to closing Little Peaches (LP) I am becoming excited about spending more time in the classrooms at the other schools. While I do get to spend a lot of time during my day stopping by and spending time with the teachers, and offering instruction and training, I don’t get as much time as I would like. The closing of Little Peaches means I get 6 more hours in each day to spend with them.

The purpose behind closing LP is to open up more time to spend training, teaching, and leading my staff. I am passionate about supporting and educating my staff, I see it as the next point in my career, it’s time to share my knowledge with a new set of educators!

Layne and I have been doing a rotation in the schools, as only one of us is needed at a time to teach at LP, so we have been spending more time at the schools, it’s usually between drop-offs and pickups so we aren’t often seen by parents.

I think this has been great for the staff, they get a chance to bounce new ideas, talk about any struggles with students, seek planning advice, etc. I must say that the work Layne and I are seeing out of these classrooms makes me very proud. The connections these teachers have with our Little Peaches are beautiful to see. The bond among the students is nothing short of sibling bonds. It truly feels like a family. A bit dysfunctional at times, but we always figure it out because our foundation is solid.


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